Changing Waterbirth Practices in Texas: 2015 Guidelines, Tarrant County Birth Network August Meeting

In 2014, a fatal Legionella infection occurred in a newborn after a water birth. Amelia’s death highlighted the need for infection control education, client awareness, and standardization of cleaning procedures in Texas midwife facilities offering waterbirth.

Her mother, Amber Jennings, participated in an Ad Hoc committee on the Texas Midwifery Board with five certified professional midwives and one certified nurse midwife to create the Waterbirth Guidelines, approved by the board this June.

The guidelines include criteria for use of water immersion for labor or birth, reasons not to enter or stay in the pool, environmental conditions for safety, management of stages of labor during water immersion and immediate postpartum concerns including newborn resuscitation.

Amber will join us to tell her story and describe the process the ad-hoc committee went through to create their recommendations to develop safer waterbirth practices for Texas mothers.

Maryn Taylor, with Buoyant Birth pool rentals will also join us to talk about practical application of the guidelines for providers and families.

The guidelines are available for review at

Meeting will be held at the University of North Texas Health Science Center,
1000 Montgomery St.
Ft Worth, Texas
in the Medical Education & Training Building.

Parking and main entrance are on Bunting Street.

TCBN meetings are free and open to the public. Please remember that regular meetings are only for adults and babies who are content to stay quietly in your lap or in a carrier for the duration of the meeting. Thanks so much for your cooperation!