2016 Resource Guide

A Guide to Understanding the Resource Guide

Ad spaces are on sale until September 10th.

Last year, in conjunction with Dallas and Denton Birth Networks we distributed nearly 20,000 Resource Guides, and you helped make it happen. This year Tarrant County Birth Network is proud to once again go to print, as a part of Texas Birth Networks.We cannot wait to get Mother-Friendly resources in the hands of the many families across North Texas. But first we need your help! The resource guide would not be possible without the support of advertisers like you. We are inviting you to become an advertiser, and support the spread of Mother-Friendly care across North Texas.

As a benefit of membership with Tarrant County Birth Network and Texas Birth Networks, professional members will be listed in the directory portion of the resource guide. Last year’s directory listings are printed between pages 30 and 48. Seen here: http://www.flipsnack.com/FFC778EC5A8/ftmyxl53

To be included in the directory, Texas Birth Network membership is required. A separate email will go our at the conclusion of ad sales. Please look for this email around September 10th. Joining is easy at: http://birthtexas.org/join-a-texas-birth-network/

Advertisements are up to 500% larger and sprinkled through out the book.

Those who advertise this year will also receive free layout design for their ad. Once you have paid in full, our designer will contact you for a consultation

We have 4 options available for ads this year,  the prices are:

Premium Space – $1500
Full Page – $1125
1/2 Page – $600
1/4 Page – $350
1/8 Page – $250

Auto draft payment plans are available. To see a graphic representation of the ad sizes visit: https://goo.gl/Bsal6i

Ads are available for purchase at: http://www.jotformpro.com/form/51650989129971